Update Friday July 6th

Your union representatives have been locked in talks withLondon’s bus operators for four days this week.

We are making progress, but there is still some way to go and we’re not taking anything for granted.

Talks have adjourned today (Friday 6 July) but your union will be seeking further improvements over the weekend in anticipation of a final offer on Monday.

Unite will then hold a meeting with all union representatives the following day on Tuesday to report back and in turn update members in garages acrossLondonon Wednesday and Thursday next week.

As bus workers you are more united now then ever. So we urge you to continue to stand firm, shoulder-to-shoulder, as your union fights for a fair deal for your contribution to keepLondonmoving over the Olympic Games.

Click here to download update PDF distribute it around your garage

acas talks continue. Stay United

Union representative including  conveners have been in talks with the 20 bus companies since Monday.  Your union is making good progress, however as of tonight the strike is still on. Keep strong keep unified.  We will provide a further update as soon as we have some more information.




Get out the Yes Vote

We need all reps and activist to make sure we have a big turn out and a very very big yes vote.  We need to show both the employer and the courts that when we voted yes to strike action we meant it. All reps and activists should:

  • Go around the canteen talk to members explaining the importance
  • of voting and voting yes.
  • Put up a poster reminding them to vote
  • Use the ballot to talk to and  recruit non- members
  • Post: tell us how it is going.

If you need any help producing a poster contact your full time officer.

Unite calls Bus Operators to ACAS talks.

 Well in fact none of us would give you any odds! We doubt they will be there – or if they do it will be just for the press.  If we are proved wrong and they are serious about negoatiotons then fantastic.  Make sure you tell the members this:  The dispute could be resolved at a stroke if the operators negotiate meaningfully. Ask your boss – why  will the employer not negoataite with your union? 

Stagecoach make an offer Bus Workers can refuse.

 Reps and Activists make sure you:

  • Click here to download our Vote no Leaflet
  • Go round the canteen give out the Unite leaflet
  • Make sure you focus on anyone who is flaky
  • Any problems speak to your officer.
  • Text us about how it is going

All out July 5th

Unite has called another two days of strike action Thursday July 5th and Tuesday July 24th. Last Friday was fantastic with 100s of pickets across the capital.

We now need to focus on next Thursday to repeat Friday’s success and show the bosses we mean business. It is essential all Unite reps and activists fight for the maximum unity before the strike and on the picket lines:

  • Reps and  members should talk to the employees who crossed our picket linesexplain why the campaign is so important. Explain why they need to show the same unity as thousands of other bus workers across London.
  • Tell members not to listen to employers. They will try every trick in the book to break our unity.
  • Don’t let anyone sow disunity. There are people in every garage who will try and undermine our campaign. Don’t listen to them. Don’t let anyone else be influenced by them.  Make sure you isolate your Ron Grasser.
  • Tell the members not to take any notice of the so called other unions, they have nothing to offer any bus worker but plenty to offer your bosses.
  • Make sure you follow the 5 guidelines about preparing for the strike day
  • If you have any problems at your garage don’t wait; contact your convener or fulltime officer for support.
  • Text us tell us how it is going. 

Snaps of the Bus Workers Conference

Click on Bus Workers Conference Some Snaps to look at photos of the recent Bus Workers Conference.  Yes we know we really should get someone  decent  to take them.