Preparing for Strike Day: 5 Things to do to

1. Form a strike committee (SC).

  •  Ideally this will consist of as many people as possible.
  • The members of the committee will be responsible for organising.
  • In the run up to the strike they will make sure that all the members are communicated with.
  • The members should organise the picket line into shifts to ensure there are people there.
  • The members should organise flags and banners. These can be “home made” or collected through the full time officer (RIO).

 2. Preparing to picket

  •  Each member of the strike committee should arrange there own picketing teams.
  • Find out who are on the first jobs on the morning (first 4/low frequency- first 8 on high frequency routes). Confirm with them that they are going to join the strike and attend the picket line in the morning.
  • If you confirm they are supportive you should inform the other drivers.
  • The morning shifts (from sign on) are the most important. If the first busses on the route don’t go out the next ones wont, nobody wants to be the “only or first scab” of the day.
  • Make sure you have picket points at all entrances.
  • Approach anyone who is intending to work, explain that there friends and colleagues are fighting for all of them and they should join them.
  • No one must walk past the picket lines with out being approached.

 3. Make sure all the members know there is going to be a strike.

  •  Talk to them about why we are going on strike.
  • Tell them we have been forced into this by a boss who is ignoring our claim for the same bonus as other transport workers.
  • Tell them this will make the boss think twice when they consider attacking our terms and conditions.

 4. Tell the members why it is important they support the action.

  • If we all take strike action together, London will stop!
  • If we all stand together our message will be clear.
  • If we all support the action, we will demonstrate our true strength.
  • This will tell the boss; we are not going to be kicked around anymore.
  • A stronger/larger turn out on the picket line will help conclude the issue quicker.

 5. Tell the members what the dangers of not supporting the action, and turning their back on their friends and colleagues.

  • We will ALL loose the dispute
  • We will look weak
  • We will be inviting the boss to treat us even worse.

One response

  1. Hi, great web site. Could you prepare a leaflet that we can print out and give to our colleagues on the pickett line outlining our aims and goals.

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