This site is run by the Unite leadership of the London Bus workers for London Bus workers.  Where here to help organise our campaign, keep you informed and get updates from your garage. Employers, and other organisations will come on here to see what’s going on, they will be looking for divisions so when you what to post just be careful about what you say! For obvious reasons we have removed the details of those members who have posted.  Scroll down the page to see the headlines. Click on the highlighted link to see the rest of the story. 


Convenors and officers, after spending days with the employer at ACAS and after some hard negotiations they got a deal! Fantastic, Any questions click here. If you want a poster for your garage download one here.

Update Friday July 6th

Your union representatives have been locked in talks with London’s bus operators for four days this week.

We are making progress, but there is still some way to go and we’re not taking anything for granted.

Talks have adjourned today (Friday 6 July) but your union will be seeking further improvements over the weekend in anticipation of a final offer on Monday.

Unite will then hold a meeting with all union representatives the following day on Tuesday to report back and in turn update members in garages acrossLondonon Wednesday and Thursday next week.

As bus workers you are more united now then ever. So we urge you to continue to stand firm, shoulder-to-shoulder, as your union fights for a fair deal for your contribution to keepLondonmoving over the Olympic Games.

Click here to download update PDF distribute it around your garage


  •  We have suspended the industrial action planned for Thursday, 5th July 2012 to allow negotiations to continue.
  • We have the basis of an offer agreed with the Operators.
  • The payment is based on a daily rate similar to the old Mayor’s payment.
  • The figure quoted in the press of £700 is incorrect.
  • We have adjourned until Friday to get more details of the TfL offer.
  • We hope to have a complete offer by Monday, 9th July at the latest.

Stand firm 


Talks with Employer continue. Union representative including  conveners have been in talks with the 20 bus companies since Monday.  Your union is making good progress, however as of tonight the strike is still on. Keep strong keep unified.  We will provide a further update as soon as we have some more information.

Here We Go Here We Go. Unite has called another two days of strike action Thursday July 5th and Tuesday July 24th. Last Friday was fantastic with 100s of pickets across the capital. We now need to focus on next Thursday and repeat Friday’s success and show the bosses we mean business.  Unite Activist click here to build support for the strike and here to see Preparing for Strike Day: 5 things to do .

Unite calls Bus Oporators to ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) talks.  Unite want to talk to the employers but will they turn up? Click here to get the odds.  Not sure who ACAS are, go to their site

Why the bosses are playing hard ball? Instead of negotiating with Unite it looks like Bus workers are facing a coordinated attack, orchestrated by the Tory mayor, looking for a political fight with Unite and London’s bus workers. Even ‘Boris bike’ workers are getting a £500 Olympic award. Ever wonder why the bosses and the Tory Mayor are playing hardball with us. Click here to find out why.

Unite reballot the 3 companies.  Unite reballot: Last week Unite members at Metroline, Arriva the Shires and Go Ahead London General were denied their democratic and human right to take strike action. We are now reballoting, all of these Unite members. This will be a clear signal to all our members, the employers, the Mayor and his TFL flunkies that we mean business. We’re not going away. We’re not going to stop until we are given the recognition and respect we deserve and they pay the £500 award  Activist need to get a big yes  vote out here’s how.
Stagecoach make an offer bus workers can refuse. £500 gross which comes out about £350 after tax, plus a £20 enhancement for Work Rest Days (WRD). That is not our claim that is not what we when on strike for. We are worth more!Activists Click here for tips on organising the NO vote. Click here to download Unite reject the offer leaflet.
Employers begin to put in offers.  We put in our offer across all the companies. We have struck together on the 22nd and will again on the 5th. Now some of the companies have started to make offers. Do individual deals threaten our unity?  Don’t panic,  they  don’t.  Click here to find out why  
 What is the difference between a trade union and a scab union? Click here to find out the answer. 
Want to know how much your poverty stricken company made?  Click here to view their profits

4 responses

  1. I work for xxx and most of my fellow workers and I feel really let down by the fact that we can’t strike along with the rest of the other bus company, I/we feel like some sort of deal as been made to stop all the bus companies going out on strike at once, it is too much of a coincidence that all the major route that go through central London was not allowed to strike.
    I feel that “the powers that be” know that it would be far too crippling for London if all and I mean all the bus companies were out on the same day, leaving some bus workers out under mines the strike because people feel as if the strike is a joke because it looks like business as usual well in central London from what I saw at the last strike. Something needs to be done before the next strike…. I wish it was all out!!!!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the actions taken and have and will be on the picket lines!
    Following the non-response from TFL most of the travelling public agree with this action as I have spoken to personally of late. I feel a good suggestion to hit TFL would be following the strikes passengers could travel without using oyster cards or paying thus hitting TFL in their pockets! This was achieved in Australia in the past! Boris and TFL need to be taught a hard lesson from all of us!!

  3. That is a brilliant idea about letting everyone travel for free. If the companies use dirty tricks like going to the courts then we have to turn our fight directly to tfl, and no better way than organising with the support of the union a day when all drivers disable their oyster readers ( or simply put a sign on it explaining to passengers not to touch in ) and refuse to take cash.

  4. Stand together strong

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