Why the bosses are playing hard ball

Why are the companies and the Mayor playing hard ball? One thing for sure it is not about the money. There are billons sloshing around the Olympics and collectively the bosses posted over £2 billion in profits for 2011. So what’s there problem with Bus workers and our claim?

It is simple they are determined to hold onto the way they do business with Unite, which is not to negotiate with us (click here to read The Mayor, the bosses and negotiations) and how they deal with the workforce. That is to pursue the Race to the Bottom; a policy of cutting wages, reducing terms and conditions and removing effective trade unions. While the Mayor (who far from being a ‘lovable buffoon’ is a hard nosed free market Tory) supports them all the way.

However the race to the bottom only works when workers are divided. So what scared the living daylights out of Johnson and the operators was our unity shown on the picket lines of the  22nd organised by Unite who backed the action 110%.

Knocked off balance by a united membership and a fighting back union they are in trouble but have not thrown in the towel rather we saw them try a couple of ploys. Johnson suddenly found just over 8m. here we see a man in a panic, his arrogance has put the Olympics in jeopardy, by putting the money on the table he also tries to pass the blame onto Unite and the buck to his chums the operators (when thief’s fall out). While the Operators, then put silly offers to us in the hope that some of us will run to settle and so once again be divided.

For them then it is not the money but the principle of keeping us divided and weak, that they are trying to hold onto, but we hold all the aces bar one in this deck. As long as we stay united the clock continues to count down to the games and the need for Johnson political career and the TFL directors Olympic bonus, they are going to settle. The only card they have left is that of the courts. The anti union laws are just that, they are designed to stop unions taking strike action. However if they come to the rescue of the bosses this time and stop some of us striking, it becomes even more important that we continue to stand together for while we will not be able to strike Unite will continue the fight.

3 responses

  1. Whilst I agree with everything that has been posted on this site.I am concerned that we keep going back to this issue of the courts helping the companies by issuing injunctions against the unions,
    The response I believe to a courts unjustifiable injunction should be an on mass civil disobedience,and each individual take the strike action on their own.and do it during the olympics.and any other time the courts slap an injunction on us.Lets face it whilst I know we would be in breach of our contracts I have to ask the question,would all the companies be prepared to sack 28.000 bus drivers all at once?.and how long, would it take and cost to prosicute each individual person for contempt of court?.Just a thought.

  2. we must stay together,bonus should only be paid to who are fighting not to those who love the company buses,wish good luck to every body

  3. Ladies and gents, fellow drivers! We all see the way the companies treat us nowadays, calling us in to meetings to be accused of having done wrong for any and every thing they can find with a view to pile up more opportunity to ‘legally’ get rid of us one by one!!!! If we want to save our jobs and terms and conditions, we need to stand tall and stand together firmly!!!! That is the only way that things will change, the only way that our concerns will be recognised!!! We have a hell of alot more to fight for in terms of our rights but first we must set the foundation!!!! What about protection by law for drivers who are attacked by the public while on the job?? What about protection for drivers from those employers who want to pass the expense onto employees (drivers) when accidents happen when they have insurance which is responsible for that coverage?? There is so much more to defend but we must be strong and united!!!!! Let us stand tall and tell them BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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